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The Two Dogs's TD-Monster is:


With a chassis made of steel and super tires of CST, the TD-Monster faces everything!


With a complete ilumination and damping system, your trip will be very stable and comfortable.


Include 4 bateries that will deliver to you a great autonomy in a economic and sustainable way!


With a unique design, you will love the beautiful colors of TD-Monster!



O Patinete Elétrico TD-Monster Two Dogs chegou ao Brasil trazendo mais estilo e atitude, além do motor de 1600W 48v que oferece maior autonomia, potência, desempenho e durabilidade. Um autêntico patinete OFF ROAD!


With a complete ilumination system, including duble white LED in the front, LED brake lights and dynamic sequential arrow lights with animated LED. Also has rearview mirrors, electronic horn with a intense noise, selim with height regulation, indicator with 3 levels of battery, folding, ignition key with two codified keys, bivolt charger 110V/240V and load capacity of 140kg.


For those who enjoy showing a cool style combined with a easy mobility and comfort of Two Dogs's Electric Scooters.

The brushless motor provides, combined with 4 batteries, an autonomy that lasts up to 2 hours. The maximum speed is 45km/h with stability and safety. The battery pack contains 4 batteries with 12 volts and 12 amperes each, made of acid lead, doesn't have memory affect, resulting in a bigger lifetime of the set. The charging time range from 5 to 8 hours!

The tires without chamber of CST 145/70-6 brand make the TD-Monster Scooter even more OFF ROAD, offering more durabillity, stability, softness and control to drive.

The disk and ventilated brakes guarantee a very precise braking in a short amount of time and distance.

The Duble suspension in the middle front and the sides of the baering back guarantee a more precisely read of the ground, offering more comfort to the driver.

With the sport and economic options, you can choose the power wich you will drive your Electric Scooter. With the button triggered you activate the economic mode and just 75% of the total power will be delivered, saving battery. With the button not pressed, the motor will deliver all the power, rising the speed and the torque.

The Two Dogs's Electric Scooter, TD-Monster, offers gradual acceleration with acceleration fist and guarantee more safety to rides at any time and place. Your chassis is made of high resistence steel with a bamboo and wood deck, making your scooter much more robust, beautiful and stylish.

Model: TD-Monster Two Dogs
Motor: 1600w 48v
Load capacity: 140kg
Chassis: High Resistance Steel
Battery: 4x 12V 12ah Acid Lead
Battery life: Until 2 hours
Maximum Speed: 45km/h
Charging Time: 5-8 hours
Charger: Bivolt 110v/240V
Tires: CST 145/70-6
Deck: bamboo+wood
Folding: Yes
Brakes: disk and ventilated brakes
Ignition Key: 2 codified keys
Acceleration: Progressive with acceleration fist.
Front illumination: Duble White LED
Back Illumination: LED Brake Lights and hazard lights.
Battery Level Indicator: 3 levels
Stool: Selim with height adjustment.

Weight: 64kg
Folded Size: 135 x 35 x 57cm
Size: 146 x 140 x 72cm
Box Size: 141.5 x 34.5 x 62.5cm


Click to download!


LANÇAMENTO | Linha Verão 2020